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Accessible Healthcare Workshop-Rescheduling Soon!
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Accessible Healthcare Workshop
June 23, 2015

Due to the State of Illinois shut down, NICIL is forced to close temporarily.  We regret that this action has to happen. Please continue taking action by notifying your state legislators and tell them your story.  Without your voice being heard, nothing will happen.  For additional information on how to get your voice to our legislators click here for our Action for Advocacy. 

Your voice matters, take action today!

We will be back to serving you as soon as we possibly can!

The NICIL Team, Volunteers, and Board of Directors

NICIL is committed to promoting and delivering the Independent Living Philosophy throughout Northwestern Illinois.

Our pledge is to cordially assist all persons with disabilities in an efficient compassionate and compliant manner while seeking out agency growth opportunities.

We have a new mission statement!  Watch us grow in 2015, our 30th year!


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