Personal Assistant: Is this the right position for me?

Being a Personal Assistant (PA) is a very rewarding career for the right person! The PA’s have a very important task! Each PA is responsible for helping an individual with disabilities live independently in their own home. Duties may include meal preparation, bathing, dressing, grooming, laundry, light housekeeping, and more. Each individual person has a service plan developed just for them. This is where the PA’s come in! The PA’s are the people responsible for helping to get this work done daily and assist in keeping the consumer living independently! NICIL and all the Centers for Independent Living (CIL’s) recruit, train, and match the consumers with the PA’s on our Registry. We are busy! Daily we receive requests for PA lists. We match the PA’s on our Registry with the needs of the consumer and the list goes out. Still not sure if this is right for you? First, answer these questions: Are you reliable and willing to work? Are you passionate about helping others stay independent? Do you care about and enjoy working with individuals? Are you willing to respect the home of your employer (the consumer?) If you said yes to these questions, then maybe you should think about this very rewarding career. Register for the next PA Orientation class and see for yourself what being a PA is all about!  

Call us at 815-625-7860 or email us at for the latest schedule.  PA Orientations are at least 4 times per month at NICIL.  Call us!