Action for Advocacy

June 2017

Yet again this ugly, disrespectful, and tiresome budget impasse is making its name shine in every conversation!  Going into our 3rd year of this embarrassment, our Governor and State Legislators continue to care about their personal and political agendas then about the citizens and services.  We have been told every thing in to the book on who’s fault it is, but the face remains:  Legislators and the Governor are the only ones who can stop this mess!  Have you had enough?  We sure have!  We continue to advocate to the State Legislators and the Governor with no response.  We now are the point where we have to make the difficult decisions about laying off our team members and eliminating services.

Our hearts are heavy with this burden and frankly our strength is draining, the battle has been very long and very hard.  We are discouraged, disheartened, and frankly exhausted.  We believe in Illinois, our future, and most of all independent living as a choice, but we can’t be the only ones fighting for the future of social services.  We need help in this fight.

NICIL Elected Officials-IL Only


Spring 2017

The nightmare continues with no one getting the job done!  We have reached out to all of the NICIL area elected officials and the Governor and yet, nothing is settled!  Illinois is the joke of the nation and we as it citizens are barely hanging onto our services!  Enough is Enough!  Call your legislators today and tell them to do their jobs now!

Fall 2016

We are happy to have cooler days and hopefully now that the elections are over, cooler, clearer focus on what lies ahead of us in the great State of Illinois.  We at NICIL believe it is a great State with a long history of taking care of its citizens.  We mean EVERYONE in Illinois needs to focus and make this a great State once again.

NICIL spent time this fall contacting all of our legislators as well as the candidates for races in our area about NICIL’s areas of concern.  We were able to talk with some; some even visited us and we appreciated that!  With great sadness, some didn’t even return calls and one stated that “not sure would want to meet us” . That is unfortunate as well as disrespectful, but in the true NICIL tradition, we continue to inform and educate on a regular basis our State legislators and Governor.  You need to do so as well, NICIL can not be the only voice that continues to talk about the needs in the disability community.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!  Yes, we are shouting out loud for every single person to advocate for your rights.

Let’s be sure to be heard!!!!  Contact your elected officials.  Click below to the current list of elected officials.  We will update the list once the new officials take office, but don’t wait, contact them today!

Click here for a list of their contact information:


So what is next for NICIL?

Contact your legislators today and tell them how important NICIL and other service providers are to your independent living.  If you don’t who will?

We will continue to serve! Stop by and see us, Monday through Thursday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.