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Our Personal Assistant (PA) Orientation prepares you for a new career as a Personal Assistant, one of the most rewarding jobs that an individual can have.  Classes happen frequently (generally every month) but advance application is required.  PA duties are not only rewarding but earn $13 per hour and healthcare benefits.  To see the schedule of our next class, click here to begin the path to your new career!

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budget impasse

Action for Advocacy

The budget impasse for Fiscal Year 2015 and 2016 is over!  While it was incredibly painful, for now it is over!  We at NICIL want to move onto a more positive future, but Advocacy is still important!  For the NICIL area of:  Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside counties these are our current elected officials:

NICIL Elected Officials-IL Only

As you know, the next election is soon!  Tuesday, November 6, 2018 is your chance to have your voice heard through your vote.  Get out and vote!!!  Use your right to vote to be hear and elect the legislators and Governor that you want running Illinois for our future!  Be informed and do your homework, but vote!

We will be posting more advocacy news in the near future!

budget impasse

Action for Advocacy Spring 2017

The nightmare continues with no one getting the job done!  We have reached out to all of the NICIL area elected officials and the Governor and yet, nothing is settled!  Illinois is the joke of the nation and we as it citizens are barely hanging onto our services!  Enough is Enough!  Call your legislators today and tell them to do their jobs now!

Illinois Legislature

NICIL News Winter 2016

Hot Button Topic

What is a Hot Button Topic? Great question! This newsletter is exclusively for you, our legislators. The Hot Button Topic is our way of providing educational materials on the items you should know from NICIL’s point of view. It’s not lobbying, it is education from the perspective of how it affects the NICIL stakeholders.

This first Hot Button Topic is something you have heard from us before, on many topics including the FY 16 state budget and impasse. It has been devastating for us, our fellow Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and many other agencies that work to support our consumers.

Our long history is built on a lot of hard work and hours of fundraising. The money is to be used for a new building that will house new job programs, culinary training, Living Skills Center, computer labs, and other training rooms including a gift shop for retail training.

We are excited about this new adventure. But we need to keep NICIL doors open through the budget impasse. Sadly, we are almost out of this money and will have to close the doors. Will 30 years of hard work be lost? We are praying the answer is no!

NICIL, its consumers, and hundreds past dedicated people do not want NICIL doors to close forever; but that is up to you and your vote is our answer. We are counting on you!

Do you have questions on NICIL, our operations or our future? Please contact our Executive Director, Michele Miller at

What You Should Know

Sterling NICIL office front

If you don’t know about NICIL, you have been listening to the stories about the people we serve, we have the greatest consumers in NW Illinois and we believe it is an honor and privilege to serve. But just in case you don’t know anything about NICIL, let us tell you!

  • NICIL began serving people with disabilities in 1985.
  • NICIL was one of the original five (5) centers for Independent Living in Illinois.
  • We service five (5) counties in NW Illinois: Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle and Whiteside Counties.
  • We have helped over 55 people move out of institutional care into our communities saving taxpayers in Illinois over $6 billion dollars.