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Education & Outreach

Educating the world about people with disabilities, the barriers and challenges to be faced, and conquering them is an important role that the team and NICIL fulfill.  We offer a variety of educational programs and we are making plans for more.  Here are the ones that we currently offer:

Deaf Services Program

Deaf Service Coordinator, Amy Jo is available to educate the community at large through custom designed presentations or training including but not limited to:

  • TTY Training
  • Sensitivity Training
  • ADA Title II responsibilities
  • Obtaining interpreter services

Amy Jo is also developing resources and tools for this program. Here are the first of many resources that are available:

What is an interpreter?  This important tool gives the recommendation that we have for the different types of interpreters that may be needed by you or your organization.  There is not a “one size fits all” interpreter, these professionals are licensed.  Click here to read more…  What is an interpreter

Understanding Relay Service.  Communication is an important tool for everyone, the sounds we hear fist thing in the morning till the last thing at night, but imagine when hearing is lost in part or in whole, how that changes everything!  Video Relay Services (VRS) is a resource that allows the hearing world to communicate with others who are deaf or hard of hearing, thus eliminating frustration for all.  Amy Jo has put together good information for all of us to benefit from.  Click here to read this interesting resource… 711 Telecommunication Relay Service

Check back often for more information and resources available to you through our Deaf Services Program.

 If you would like to find out more or if you have questions, please contact our coordinator, Amy Jo, at Amyjo@nicil.org, or you may contact her via video phone at 815-564-2171.

Accessibility Assessment

Accessibility Assessment is about being in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Businesses, communities, construction trade professionals, homeowners wishing to improve accessibility of their properties for their employees, community members, customers, or themselves should contact NICIL. Upon request, members of our Accessibility team will visit your site, conduct an inspection and make suggestions of modification in a written form, if desired, based on the Illinois Accessibility Code and the Americans with Disability Act.

NICIL offers accessibility audits which includes assessments of accessibility or inaccessibility of:
  • Parking
  • Curb Cuts or Ramps
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Entrances
  • Doors and doorways
  • Corridors and aisles
  • Seating and tables
  • Restrooms


  • Water fountains
  • Public Telephones
  • Light switches
  • Alarms
  • Signage and identifications
  • Warning signs and hazards
  • Passenger Elevators
  • Work Surfaces and shelves
Call us for our current fee schedule and availability for your projects.

Speaker’s Bureau

Interested in learning more about Northwestern Illinois Center for Independent Living (NICIL), our programs, or any other aspect of disability awareness?  We’d love to share the NICIL story and tell you about the success of living independently in our communities.  Give us a call at 815-625-7860 or email us frontdesk@nicil.org

We have a new topic on our Speaker’s Bureau:  My Choice, My Life.  It focuses on decision making and is part of finding employment.  Ask us for more details!

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