Facebook!  What a great media for the NICIL team to tell you what is happening at NICIL as well as other important issues that may affect your independent life.  If you have been following us for a while, you are surprised by how much is really happening!  We decided that we would archive by posting here the information we posted on Facebook so that you can read it here instead of searching though months of postings.

We are busy at NICIL and we like to share what is happening.  Sometimes we think we are funny, sometimes we need you to take action, and sometimes we just need to share information. Our favorite share is when we get to highlight something that is an accomplishment.

Independent living is about choice. Each day you get to choose how you will live, choose wisely!


12-21-16 Gingerbread Competition

It is time



2-8-17 Come On Spring

2-21-17 Children’s Medical

2-21-17 Empowerment University