What is Independent Living?  It is about living as we choose, taking every opportunity to live life to the fullest while being an advocate and educator to share awareness about disabilities to those who do not know us. Many people take for granted their living arrangements, employment, transportation, social and recreational activities, their independence.  For people with disabilities, however, his/her independence and the realization of fundamental human rights may have been a long hard road.

The philosophy of the Independent Living Movement became “All people, regardless of disability, have the right and responsibility to assume CONTROL over their lives”.

Northwestern Illinois Center for Independent Living is empowered to empower our customers.  We work with our customers to understand that living is about taking control by:

  • Living in the community as opposed to living in an institution
  • Having choices in housing, transportation, education and employment just like everyone else
  • Living as responsible, respected members of the community, with all of the duties and privileges
  • Having active and fulfilling dreams, while we pursue and obtain them

We also realize that peer support (friends) is an important part of living independently.  We have several activities each month that are social and networking opportunities.

Are you looking for a more empowered life?  Call NICIL at 815-625-7860 or email us at: frontdesk@nicil.org