We understand that the public transportation in rural Northwestern Illinois is not ideal. NICIL has put together this guide to help the citizens of our five-county service area: Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle and Whiteside Counties, find transportation options.

Physical Barriers

Part of being independent is being able to move about. The rules, laws, and codes related to the removal of physical barriers and accessibility can be intimidating and difficult to interpret. We hope that this guide gives you a basic understanding of what physical barriers are.

Local Resources

NICIL responds to inquiries from people with disabilities, family members, other service providers, the business community and the general public on programs, resources and other issues related to disabilities. This guide is a list of some of the community partner agencies whom we work with to provide services that we are unable to provide in […]


We work with individuals who are searching for housing by assisting with completing the applications if the individual is not able to do so themselves because of a disability. This guide contains information on affordable housing apartment complexes with NICIL’s five (5) county service area of Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside Counties.


Healthcare is one of the most important aspects of life. It is vital for every person to have access to healthcare and do our best to take care of our bodies. This guide aims to help you navigate the world of healthcare and make you aware of accommodations and help you can receive to live […]


A career is an occupation that motivates you to be successful by fulfilling you! The NICIL employment guide is an overall explanation that includes tips and suggestions on finding your new career. We will teach you for free how to prepare a resume, cover letter, portfolio, skills inventory, curriculum vitae, and even visual presentation, along […]


Our primary purpose is to help parents and students better understand their rights within the special education system. The NICIL Education Guide is an overview of different types of education, from the traditional primary, secondary, post-secondary school settings to adult learning opportunities. Educational requirements and opportunities are difficult to navigate, this is where we may […]


Communication is not always easy, but is always necessary. Unless we establish a communication system with someone, we do not understand their expectations. Read this guide to understand what you need to have successful communication.

Attitudinal Barriers

Attitudinal Barriers are negative perceptions and value systems that focus on a person’s diagnosis or disability rather than their abilities and other valued characteristics. Attitudinal barriers may be present in societies, communities, or in specific individuals and generally surface in the form of exclusion or condescension. Unsure of how to interpret a conversation or situation? […]

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology comes in many forms to support many different disabilities in a variety of areas. If you are not sure where to start, or you would like assistance learning how to use a new assistive device, contact NICIL. We would be happy to work with you one on one to provide the services you […]