Community Reintegration

Northwestern Illinois Center for Independent Living (NICIL) Community Reintegration Program {CRP} is designed to reintegrate individuals between the ages of 18 and 59 who are interested in moving back into the community from a nursing facility setting. This program is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services – Division of Rehabilitation Services {DHS/DRS}, and the Illinois Housing Development Authority. The CRP can provide services and purchase items to establish a home in the community. The program is partially reimbursed by Medicaid. Our goal is to identify the services and support systems that a nursing facility resident may need to move into his or her residence and to live independently again.

For Community Reintegration Program eligibility requirements, visit the Illinois Department of Home Service website. The Community Reintegration Program is intended to be a ONE-TIME only process to help with the initial set up of basic living arrangements. When a referral to the program is received, our CRP Staff person{s} will meet with the potential participant, explain the program and assess the need for the services and support the individual will require for a successful transition.

What the Community Reintegration Program can do for nursing facility residents:

  • Assist in locating and securing affordable housing
  • Assist with the first month’s rent and security deposit
  • Provide household items
  • Provide assistive equipment and devices
  • Arrange home remodeling for a safe living environment
  • Provide training in Independent Living Skills
  • Make referrals of personal assistant services
  • Provide Personal Assistant Management Training
  • Provide Case Management
  • Provide advocacy and peer support

There are more details to this innovative program. To find out more details or to talk to our Transition team, call us at 815-625-7860.

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