Fast Track and Education Services

We at NICIL are very excited about our services and programs! Fast Track has been around for six (6) years through the Department of Human Services under the Division of Rehabilitation Services. NICIL has analyzed the process and reviewed our notes, discussed, and determined how we can use Fast Track to support transitional students.

Fast Track is a multi-part curriculum developed by NICIL and covers a wide variety of topics related to either the transition from high school into post-secondary education/vocational or the transition from post-secondary into the workforce. This entire series is centered on the independent living philosophy.

The Fast Track curriculum is an incredible learning experience that focuses on transition topics such as:

  • Post-Secondary Education Exploration
  • Job Exploration
  • Workplace Readiness
  • Self-Advocacy
  • And Much More!


We offer many other training programs that are focused on transitioning youth. Students 14 1/2 to 21 are the audience that we work with. We focus on what happens once high school is done and how to prepare for this next phase of life. These programs are designed to work with schools or other organizations focused on the transitional phase. Call us and we can talk about these programs and our current fees. It will be worth the call, we guarantee it! 815-625-7860

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