Independent Living Program

Living independently means different things to people. For some, it is the freedom and ability to make choices on how to live their life. For others, it may mean living free from the restraints of institutional care. No matter the definition, the choice to live as one chooses is the basis of the Independent Living Program.

The NICIL Team works with our consumers on the goals that they want to select. Our work is consumer focus/consumer-driven with support from the NICIL Team members. We do not tell our consumers what to do. Instead, we talk about options and give support so that the consumer can make an informed choice.

Believe it or not, defining independent living is hard to put into words! So here is some of the support we are able to help our consumers with as they live their independent life:

  • Housing (identification of appropriate housing, applications, etc.)
  • Benefit program support (Medicaid application, Social Security application, etc.)
  • Advocacy support (understanding rights, training on self-empowerment, etc.)
  • Peer support (understanding and navigating a disability)
  • Information and Referral (getting resources to support)

Much more as independence is living!


  • Budgeting/Money Management
  • Employment search and job interview preparation
  • Daily living skills training (cooking, housekeeping, etc.)
  • Relationship building
  • Health and Safety
  • Social Skills
  • so much more, just ask us!

We can customize skill training for individuals or for a group. Call us for details or schedule an appointment! 815-625-7860


Some of us do know what it is like to live with a disability, 51% or more of the NICIL team are people with disabilities. When we tell you we understand, we do! We offer peer-to-peer support through one on one services and we also have peer groups. Call us for the next peer group event! 815-625-7860


Life can be overwhelming when searching for resources to support your life. How can I get help with my utilities, how can I get my personal assistance services, how can I find help with housing, so much more. We can help connect you with resources in your county. Call us or call for an appointment!


We offer classes and workshops regularly. Check the list of our upcoming events as well as our Facebook page for the latest, then join us. It will be informative and fun, we guarantee it!

This is only a shortlist! We do much more and work one on one with our consumers to support their choice of living their independent life! Not sure what direction you want to go or are you looking for support in planning your future? Call us and we can start working together today!