Rambling Thoughts

We at NICIL have such a great opportunity every day! We have the honor and privilege of making a difference every day.  It is not without its challenges but we get excited when we get to assist in supporting someone achieve a goal. We celebrate often and encourage continuation with all our consumers.

From time to time we will post surveys, polls, or comments and hope that you will respond.

Our main focus is for this page to be dedicated to stories of success with our consumers, community partners, and our team. We will expect this page to be huge! We hope that you will be inspired to read the stories and support independent living and NICIL!

Newsletters for Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019)

We have newsletters each quarter.  Each newsletter has a “theme” relating to an area of independent living.  We think they are pretty interesting!  There are also three (3) audiences that we write the newsletters for:  Illinois Legislators and the Governor, Community Partners, and our consumers.  We will post them here by audiences and you are free to read and enjoy!  If you are interested in getting a newsletter delivered to your inbox, email us at frontdesk@nicil.org.

Consumers Newsletters:

Q1 Consumer

Legislators Newsletters:

Legislature FY 19 Q1

Partners Newsletters:

Partner FY 19 Q1